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Einzelstücke In Aktion In Aktion
During last summer’s World Cup, his bombolsa football bag commemorating Germany’s World Cup victory in 1954 turned out to be a real bombshell. Now Monsieur Povel is getting ready for his next big coup with his rugby bags. Some will go for the rugbolsa in natural brown leather – all innocence and light – while others will prefer the blackbolsa, black as the darkest night. Either way, these designer bags will accompany their owners through thick and thin – protecting their treasures in the finest silk, guarding them with two stable zips and defending them with sturdy leather flaps. These beautifully worked designer pieces are hand-crafted from the finest premium-grade cowhide. And because they feature straps that can be attached in three different ways, rugbolsa and blackbolsa are the perfect accessory for both sexes: women will love them as an elegant clutch; men can sling them over their shoulders casually; and all bag lovers will appreciate the convenient rucksack style.