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With the footballbag "bombolsa" Jonas Povel is following in the footsteps of his ancestors, who have been part of the textile industry for nearly four centuries.

To literally stay on the ball and just in time for the football World Cup in Germany Jonas Povel presents a retro '54 leather football that has been transformed into a stylish handbag.

It would only have taken a couple of stitches more and "bombolsa" would have turned into an actual football to play with. Therefore, it is not just a handbag that looks like a football!

As an exclusive accessory "bombolsa" combines the finest calf leather with the highest quality leather craftsmanship. It also enables Jonas Povel to stick to the traditional family motto: "Best of the Best". As a result "bombolsa" will hit the market as a limited edition only available at top high end fashion stores.